ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q2 2022 - ManpowerGroup Poland
ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q1 2022
14 December 2021
ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q3 2022
19 May 2022

Job seekers in Poland can anticipate a positive staffing climate during Q2 2022, expecting a +5% Net Employment Outlook (NEO). With a NEO of +30%, hiring decision makers in the Manufacturing sector expect the strongest hiring market. With a NEO of -11%, employers in Primary Production expect the least competitive hiring market. Reporting a NEO of +12%, hiring managers in the South-West region expect the best-performing job market for the coming quarter. Reporting a NEO of -1%, employers in the South expect the least competitive staffing climate for the coming quarter. The best-performing organization sizes are organizations with 250+ employees, with organizations reporting a Net Outlook of +10%.  Reporting a NEO of -3%, hiring decision makers in organizations with less than 10 employees expect the least competitive hiring market in the next quarter.

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