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In the face of changes in the labor market, or structural and strategic changes requiring restructuring in the area of human resource, companies worldwide opt for Right Management. In Poland, outplacement services are provided under the ManpowerGroup brand, in line with the Right Management methodology.

Using our services from the beginning of the layoff process results in a smooth career shift. For over 30 years, we have been using technology which is both innovative and well-established, to support our client’s company throughout the entire procedure, from the termination notice to the actual moment of leaving the organization. We will be able to respond to the employees’ reactions, advise them on what to do net and establish cooperation, to help them during their career shift.

Our objective is to understand the dynamic reality of the modern-day work environment. In response to outplacement needs of specific candidates, we offer diverse programs carried out either in the office or virtually, designed to ensure effective results. All RightChoice participants use a personalized, easily accessible approach to career change, have access to modern technology (which facilitates cooperation) and key resources, until the moment they start their new job. Additional solutions include Life Options, which help individuals plan their subsequent career stage (retirement, part-time work or active retirement).

Services for managers

Administrating the departure and career of managers involves a complex set of responsibilities, both for the enterprise and for the employees. Our services directed at managers form a program which is fully adjusted to the client’s needs, implemented by our senior consultants, providing tailored materials and support to senior managers with great potential. Our consultants use a network of specialized resources, business intelligence and personal contacts. Our client’s management staff has access to the Advisory Council, where they can be advised on administration, managerial salaries and planning.

Sharing technological solutions

The technology which supports our outplacement solutions is one of the most advanced, easy to use and accessible in the industry. Thanks to technological solutions such as iView and Right-from-Home, designed with simplicity and maxization of people-to-people connections in mind, candidates are free to take advantage of their contacts, networks and resources and turn them into great possibilities for career development.

Group programs

Services aimed at groups take the form of consultant-guided workshops, and their objective is to prepare groups of candidates for an effective job search. The workshops provide their participants with an opportunity to boost their skills in the field of job-hunting and networking, while giving them time for practical and role-playing exercises.

Career centers

Career Centers are a highly effective solution in the process of large-scale outplacement (involving more than 100 employees). We provide enterprises with comprehensive solutions, including development of programs adapted to the organizational culture and preferences of a specific candidate population. Our offer includes an option to open career centers at the request of the client, onsite.

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