ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q4 2018
11 September 2018
ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q1 2019
11 December 2018

Add to cart candidates are consumers too. The Impact of Candidate Experience on Buying Behaviors.

Employer brand and consumer brand are inextricably linked. Shifting the recruitment process beyond transactional relationships to an opportunity to develop relationships with potential customers and advocates will build trust, loyalty and ultimately impact the bottom line.

54% of candidates globally and 59% of candidates in Poland say that a negative candidate experience makes them less likely to buy a company’s products or service in the future. Moreover more than half of all global candidates and 57% respondents in Poland also say they are more likely to work for a company whose products they buy or use. Most impactful negative experiences on sales are more common than expected. Number one on the list is lack of transparency on salary or job description, with 63% of candidates in Poland saying it impacts purchase intent.

Add to cart candidates are consumers too – raport >
Add to cart candidates are consumers too – infographic >

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